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Looking for a French Voice Over for Your E-Learning Content?

Welcome! I am Estelle Hubert, your specialized French voice over for e-learning materials.
With my extensive experience and backed by a sound engineer, my professional home studio ensures impeccable audio recordings. Each voice capture is designed to engage and enhance the assimilation of your e-learning modules. By choosing me, you're opting for an authentic and professional voice over artist from France, ready to enrich your learning content.

Educational voice tone

Listen to an informative voice sample for customer service.

Narration Showreel

Download franch voice over samples from training modules with an educational voice.

Character Voice Over

As a French voice-over actress, I embody a variety of characters in scenes to enrich the learning experience.

Why me ?

MY VOICE: YOUR MAJOR STRENGTH! Collaborating with a service provider, a professional french voice-over artist, ensures a superior quality e-learning training.

Over these 20 years, I have lent my voice to a multitude of elearning projects, covering fields as diverse as medical, corporate social responsibility policies, banking, and inclusion. My voice has served to convey crucial information, explain complex concepts, and communicate essential corporate values with clarity and precision.

Beyond these serious and formal scripts, I have also brought to life more playful tutorials and serious games, helping learners acquire knowledge while having fun. My ability to adapt my voice to various styles and contexts makes me a versatile and competent voice-over artist, able to meet the specific needs of each assignment.

Your time is valuable, which is why I deliver finished, meticulously edited audio files ready to be integrated into your courses. No additional steps are required on your part, you receive a finished product of excellence, ready to enrich your modules.

My dedicated sound engineer ensures that each delivered file is cut according to your nomenclature, error-free, with consistent sound. They synchronize the audio timing with videos if needed. If the script contains multiple roles, with different voice-over actors, or in case of text modifications, even after several years, they normalize the audio to ensure seamless continuity.

With the ability to deliver up to 3,000 words in just 24 hours, I am ready to respond agilely to your most pressing needs. My responsiveness is the pillar you can rely on for efficient and rapid production.

📆 Available 350 days a year, I am your reliable partner throughout the creation stages. My unwavering commitment ensures support and accessibility nearly every day of the year.

Your project is unique, and it deserves a personalized approach. Whether you need a specific tone, a particular style, or rapid adaptation to changes, I am here to meet these demands. My flexibility and ability to quickly adapt ensure that your recording is always in perfect harmony with the goals of your training or educational video.

Your satisfaction, that of the learners, and your end client is at the heart of my approach. I work closely with you to ensure that each recording not only meets your expectations but exceeds them.


How much does a voice over cost for e-learning?

E-learning Pricing is Calculated Per Word and Varies Based on Duration and Content Complexity

Less than 2000 words €0.25 per word
Medical e-learning €0.45 per word
More than 10,000 words €0.15 per word
File editing and splitting €0.06 per word
Multilingual voice over project management Quote on request
Minimum package €100
  • Audio files ready to be integrated into your content.
  • Discounted rates based on volume.
  • Average delivery time for 3000 words: 2 days.
  • Express delivery in 1 day.
  • Multilingual casting in English, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese... please inquire.
  • General pricing grid under this link


🎓 Educate with Emotion and Precision

A professional voice-over is not limited to just reading a script; it transforms it into a lively and engaging learning experience. The goal of the online voice-over actor is to make each word resonate so that the content is not only assimilated but truly felt. This creates a deeper connection, facilitating better retention and understanding.

🔍 Clarity and Understanding

In the field of e-learning, where attention and clarity are paramount, a professional voice-over ensures that each concept is presented in a clear and accessible manner in the recording. The pro voice-over knows how to adjust the pace, play with intonations to highlight key points, and use strategic pauses so that learners can follow and assimilate the information effortlessly.

⌚ Efficiency and Quality

Collaborating with a professional freelance voice-over means minimizing revision cycles and ensuring professional audio quality from the start. They deliver recordings that perfectly integrate with your learning modules, without needing multiple retakes. They are equipped with dedicated audio equipment: professional microphone, editing software, and an acoustic booth. Voice-over is a profession!

🌈 Vocal Versatility for Any Type of Content

Whether your content aims to inspire, educate, or guide, the professional voice-over actor adapts to match the educational goal and target audience. This flexibility ensures that your e-learning content is not only heard but truly listened to and appreciated, regardless of the subject or audience.

🎧 Impeccable Sound Quality

By choosing to work with a narration expert for your courses, you also opt for uncompromised sound quality. Professional independent voice-overs are equipped to produce clear recordings, free of background noise or interference, thus ensuring that your content is delivered with the highest audio fidelity. The recordings are cut to the desired format and can be timed to the time codes of your video.

Collaborating with a professional online voice-over for your e-learning content means choosing efficiency, quality, and commitment.

Customer reviews

It's always a tremendous pleasure to work with Estelle. She delivers high-quality work on every assignment; it's simple: we could close our eyes, uh no, our ears, and still not have to check – it would always be exactly what we asked for. Working with her is a real pleasure and saves us a significant amount of time. Beyond her professionalism, she is one of the most delightful people to converse with.

Murielle Chabot

My Serious Game - Digital Learning Project Manager

I have been working with Estelle for about ten years now. Her professionalism is beyond question; her recordings are flawless, her performance always spot-on and precise. I don't view her as just a service provider but as an essential partner to our agency. Most importantly, I have complete trust in her when assigning a voice-over. I know the outcome will be perfect and on time. You can trust her blindly.

Thomas Dormoy

Presta Voice - Voice-over agency, male voice-over actor

We are highly satisfied with Estelle's work, both artistically and in terms of sound. She closely followed our directions and brought the necessary voice and emotions to her character in this project.

Anna Heim

Duolingo - Writer, Author


Our collaboration with Estelle and her outstanding team has been top-notch for many years. Always punctual with deliveries and efficient in managing our projects, we are assured of high-quality work. It's always a pleasure to work with her for our e-learning training sessions from the past, the present, and into the foreseeable future.

Florence R.

Takoma - Project Director - Actress