Voice over TV ad Nocibé

Voice over TV ad Nocibé

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"Nocibé" is a well-known brand that evokes strong emotions and commitment. With a soft and inspiring tone, I managed to capture the essence of this renowned brand. Drawing upon my over 20 years of experience as a professional voice-over actress, I was able to convey Nocibé's values through my vocal performance.

This advertisement led me to win the prestigious One Voice Awards for the Best International Female Voice-Over Performance of the Year in 2022. Over 3,000 male and female voice-over colleagues also competed for this honor. This award is a testament to my commitment to delivering high-quality performances and providing my clients with a genuine interpretation. With my experience and passion, I can adapt to a wide range of projects, and I am confident that my voice can bring your message to life in a unique and authentic way.

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