French VOICEOVER ARTIST for documentary


A professional French female voice-over to enrich your documentaries

High-quality audio recordings for immediate and effective integration.



A voice-over enhances and elevates the content of your documentary.

I'm Estelle Hubert, French voice-over actress , specializing in voice-overs for documentaries.

Engaging narration, a professional recording studio, supported by a dedicated sound engineer.

Historical documentary, reportage, a historical film, or nature exploration, each project receives a customized approach.

French Voiceover Demos for documentary

Listen and download sample recordings below to explore a range of narration options for documentary films.


My narration wasn't just informative; I created a feeling of expectation and welcome, suggesting that the city of Arras was eagerly awaiting its visitors.


The voiceover is intended to reflect the soul of the athlete: each inflection and nuance is designed to express his despair, his fear, but also his courage in the face of adversity.


Tone of voice: Didactic, clear, precise. Here, it is essential to make complex concepts accessible to the general public.

Why me ?

MY VOICE: YOUR MAJOR STRENGTH! Collaborating with a French native voice-over artist ensures a superior video realization.

Experience: Vocal mastery and excellent knowledge of audio equipment ensuring optimal rendering.

Audio post-production techniques: Expert technical support to optimize audio, balance sound levels, and ensure perfect harmony with the video.

Synchronization of video and voice: My dedicated sound engineer takes care of aligning the voice to the timecode, guaranteeing perfect synchronization.

Ability to adapt to different types of videos: Modulation of interpretation according to the type of video, whether promotional, educational, or informative.

Interpretation in multiple languages: Multilingual expertise to expand your reach and engage an international audience...

Workload relief: Freeing up time and resources to focus on other crucial aspects.

Fast delivery: In less than a day, I deliver 5 minutes of audio synchronized to your timecode.

Availability 350 days a year: to accompany you through all the stages.

Investment in the overall success of your project, offering a turnkey service and ensuring smooth communication throughout the partnership.

A voice-over for a documentary film, how much does it cost?

Transparent Pricing, Tailored to the Duration and Content of Your Project.

Minutes Words Rate
2'00 0-300 words €250
5'00 Less than 750 words €400
10'00 Less than 1500 words €700

Note: Rates are based on the number of recorded minutes.

Included Benefits:

Fast Delivery: Receive your recording within 1 day, ready to be integrated into your project, synchronized with the time code of your video production.
Studio Quality: Recording studio fees are included.

Criteria Influencing the Voice-Over Rate for a Documentary:

Project Duration: The number of words or script duration will impact the cost.

Script Complexity: Some scripts may require specific skills, accents, or specific tones, which can affect the cost.

Content Usage: Rates may vary depending on the usage of the content. For example, commercial use or nationwide/international distribution.

Geographic Market: Rates may vary depending on the region or geographic market.

Child voice over for a vibrant documentory film

Why collaborate with a French professional voice-over?

Documentary filmmakers seek a voice-over artist who understands their vision and knows how to translate it into words. This is where the expertise of a professional voice-over artist specializing in documentaries lies. They know how to captivate the audience, add depth to the narratives, and enhance the overall impact of your production while maintaining the viewer's attention.

A professional voice-over artist's experience ensures precise synchronization with images and sequences, which is crucial for the rhythm and harmony of the documentary. This skill helps avoid costly adjustments in time and resources.

Collaborating with a professional voice-over artist in a documentary brings a fundamental dimension of authenticity and credibility to the impact of the film.

An experienced voice-over artist adjusts their tone and style to harmonize perfectly with the subject, ensuring a convincing and reliable transmission of information.

Particularly beneficial for delicate or complex subjects, the voice-over artist maintains the audience's attention while respecting the integrity of the subject, thus enhancing trust in the relevance of the content.

The technical mastery of a professional voice-over artist adds emotion and humanity to the narrative, creating a deeper connection with the audience. This emotional dimension is crucial for engaging the audience, prompting reflection, and potentially mobilizing them around the documentary's subject.

Versatility in Tone and Style: A professional voice-over artist is trained to modulate their tone and style according to the specific requirements of each project. Whether the documentary calls for a serious and formal approach or a lighter and engaging narration, a professional adapts.

Ability to Engage Diverse Audiences: Thanks to their versatility, professional voice-over artists can effectively address various target groups. Whether the documentary is intended for a young audience, an academic audience, or a specific interest group, the voice artist adjusts their approach to maximize engagement and resonance with each audience.

Offloading the recording work to a professional frees up time to focus on other aspects of production.

In post-production, working with a high-quality professional voice-over simplifies the process. Fewer touch-ups and corrections are required because the initial recording is often already close to the desired final quality. This means less time spent on audio editing, sound level adjustments, and synchronization with visuals.

Customer reviews

It's always a tremendous pleasure to work with Estelle. She delivers high-quality work on every assignment; it's simple: we could close our eyes, uh no, our ears, and still not have to check – it would always be exactly what we asked for. Working with her is a real pleasure and saves us a significant amount of time. Beyond her professionalism, she is one of the most delightful people to converse with.

Murielle Chabot

My Serious Game - Digital Learning Project Manager

I have been working with Estelle for about ten years now. Her professionalism is beyond question; her recordings are flawless, her performance always spot-on and precise. I don't view her as just a service provider but as an essential partner to our agency. Most importantly, I have complete trust in her when assigning a voice-over. I know the outcome will be perfect and on time. You can trust her blindly.

Thomas Dormoy

Presta Voice - Voice-over agency, male voice-over actor

We are highly satisfied with Estelle's work, both artistically and in terms of sound. She closely followed our directions and brought the necessary voice and emotions to her character in this project.

Anna Heim

Duolingo - Writer, Author


Our collaboration with Estelle and her outstanding team has been top-notch for many years. Always punctual with deliveries and efficient in managing our projects, we are assured of high-quality work. It's always a pleasure to work with her for our e-learning training sessions from the past, the present, and into the foreseeable future.

Florence R.

Takoma - Project Director - Actress