French Child voiceover Elgydium

French Child voiceover Elgydium

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The French child voice-over that revolutionizes dental advertising: ELGYDIUM by Florine

A surprising and captivating interpretation

When you think of a voice-over for a toothpaste advertisement, you probably imagine a soft and soothing voice. But for ELGYDIUM, we chose a different path. At the age of 14, Florine brilliantly portrayed the voice of a young boy, offering a cartoonish, dynamic, and cheerful touch. Her "funny" and storytelling performance immerses us in a world where taking care of one's teeth becomes an exciting adventure.

The authenticity of a young French voice-over

Despite her young age, Florine captured the essence of a child's voice-over with remarkable ease. Her voice, although feminine, perfectly evokes that of a young boy, thus proving her versatility and exceptional talent. This authenticity adds a unique dimension to the advertisement, making it memorable for the audience.

Directed session in a premium home studio

The recording process was elevated by the use of a premium home studio, ensuring the highest quality audio. This professional environment, combined with Florine's talent, guarantees a top-notch result that resonates with the audience.

Artistic direction ensured by "her mother" with 20 years of experience and international recognition

Behind Florine's outstanding performance is the guiding hand of her mother, a seasoned voice-over artist with two decades in the industry and international accolades. Her expertise and artistic direction have been instrumental in shaping the narrative, tone, and overall success of the advertisement.

Florine's expansive artistic range: From child to teen voices

Florine's voice-over skills are not limited to just one age group. She masterfully interprets roles ranging from children to teenagers, embodying characters from little girls to young boys, spanning ages 5 to 18. This broad artistic palette ensures that she can cater to all voice-over needs that require the essence of a child or teen.

Lively motion design for a powerful message

The combination of Florine's voice-over and playful motion design creates perfect synergy. This advertisement doesn't just promote a product; it educates and entertains about the importance of oral health in a fun way. With ELGYDIUM, every brush becomes a joyful experience, turning the daily routine into a moment of pleasure.

Conclusion: A successful collaboration for ELGYDIUM

Thanks to Florine's unique French child voice-over, her mother's expert direction, and engaging animation, this ELGYDIUM advertisement stands out. It emphasizes the importance of taking care of one's smile while offering an entertaining and memorable experience. A winning combination for a brand looking to differentiate itself.