fresh voice over work for global brands : Coca Cola

fresh voice over work for global brands : Coca Cola

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Recently, I had the privilege of lending my voice to an iconic campaign for Coca-Cola Light, marking the launch of their new can design. The goal was clear: entice consumers with the new look while reassuring them about the classic taste they adore.

Dynamic and Refreshing voice over from France

My voice, often described as dynamic, youthful, fresh, and sparkling, proved to be the secret ingredient for this campaign. I adapted my tone to reflect the effervescence and lightness of Coca-Cola Light, capturing the brand's essence while introducing its new face.

Project Challenge

The main challenge was captivating the audience with the new can design without overshadowing the classic taste people love. I tackled this challenge by modulating my voice to evoke both exciting novelty and comforting familiarity with Coca-Cola Light.

Impact and Reception

The campaign was a true success, generating buzz around the new can design while reinforcing the love for Coca-Cola Light's classic taste. Feedback from clients and listeners has been incredibly positive, highlighting how my voice contributed to energizing the message.

To go further

Discover why collaborating with me for your voiceover needs is a smart choice. This Coca-Cola Light project was a remarkable experience, showcasing how voice can powerfully maintain a brand's identity while embracing change. If you're looking for a voice that can traverse languages and accents while staying deeply rooted in its identity, contact me.