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Multi-Award Winning French voice over

I am Estelle Hubert

More than just a professionnal French European voice over talent, I am the vocal signature that embodies your identity and captivates your audience.

My role is to create a strong and authentic relational bond between your message and your listeners.

I infuse your words with emotion and passion, transforming them into a vibrant narrative that stimulates interest, creates meaningful engagement, and breathes your DNA.

Thanks to my personal recording home studio, equipped with the latest technology, and my dedicated sound engineer, I provide you with broadcast-quality recordings ready to be aired.

For a smooth and effective collaboration, I invite you to participate in remote recording sessions, ensuring your expectations are met.

Together, let's weave the emotional thread that will bring your vision to life and ensure that the production resonates in the hearts and minds of your audience.


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Are you looking for a French native voice-over ?

You've put time and energy into creating your project, you've thought about it, felt it, it has a story. it's not just words on a script but a story yearning to be told. With over 20 years of experience as a professional French voice actor, I bring a depth of expertise to your voice-over project that few can match. Understanding your unique needs is my top priority. Specializing exclusively in the French language, my voice, enriched by a native French accent, provides the authentic touch your project demands. Whether your project is in audio or video format, I offer artistic and technical solutions that are coherent and adaptable to both French and English speaking audiences.

You want to produce quality work while respecting the challenges, deadlines and budget. You are looking for a reliable and demanding voiceover Whether it's commercial, corporate, or narration, I am your go-to French voice talent available 350 days a year. Assisted by my sound engineer in our state-of-the-art studio, I record and deliver broadcast-quality audio recordings within 24 hours. Choosing to hire me is choosing to work with a team member committed 100% to the success of your project until your total satisfaction. Contact me to learn about my rate and how I can help bring your project to fruition.

You want to move your target audience, capture their attention and create engaging and remarkable content. You are looking for a passionate and creative French voice over that is just as engaged in your project as you are. I take pleasure in acting, embodying, daring, to find the right, authentic, interpretation that provokes emotion. I offer more than just a voice; I bring a passion for speaking and a love for my craft. Whether your audience is in France, Canada, or any other French-speaking region, my award-winning talent in the French voice-over agency world guarantees an authentic and emotionally resonant experience. Recognized as the best international female voice-over of the year three times in a row, my versatility ranges from commercial and narration to different types of roles. I will select the perfect voice, tempo, and music to match your script, be it male or female, and can even provide Italian versions if needed.

Are you looking for a French native voice-over ?


A tailor-made service to bring a human touch to your audio projects and maximize the success of our partnership.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • To ensure project success, I record until you are completely satisfied.
  • Respect for Artistic Directions
  • Text modifications allowed

Fair and Adapted Rates

  • To help you maintain your competitiveness
  • Quote within the Hour
  • Free Demo Casting
  • Flexible and Evolving Rates

Optimal Audio Quality

  • To ensure sound editing aligned with your technical expectations, a sound engineer assists me in the production.
  • Adherence to Technical Standards
  • Broadcast Editing

Availability, Responsiveness, and Flexibility

  • To optimize your time and ensure the success of your projects.
  • Deadline Adherence
  • Flexibility with Schedules

Remote and Online Directed Sessions

  • For real-time collaboration and optimized results.
  • Real-time Co-Creation
  • International Collaborative Work

Versatile French female Voice Over

As a French voiceover artist, I am your versatile partner for all your narration needs.

My expertise spans from corporate films to female voice overs for acted roles, from e-learning to motion design.

Whether you need a soft and soothing voice for an institutional video, a dynamic and engaging voice for an advertisement, or an inspiring and motivating voice for a tutorial, I have you covered.

My goal is to bring your message to life with authenticity and precision.


French European CHARACTER

  • Video games
  • Animated cartoon
  • Character creation


French VOICE OVER for Comercial

Customer reviews

I had the pleasure of working with this amazing professional French voice-over talent for our latest commercial video project. Her authentic French accent and over 20 years of professional experience brought exactly the emotion and authenticity we were looking for. The service was not only reliable and efficient, but she also perfectly understood our needs, delivering a high-quality recording in less than 24 hours.

Daniel B.

Groupama - Audiovisual Manager


One of the most well-suited voices I've had the chance to work with, I really didn't have much to cut and move around. It was extremely pleasant to not have to worry about any issues with the voice considering the workload I had to deliver afterwards. You really grasped the approach to take for the film.

Alexandre Yiannki

Naki Studio - Freelance Motion Designer 2D/3D

Naki Studio

Wow! I can't even say "I'm speechless"... Professional French voice over, top-notch, responsive, high-level... a pleasure.

Christophe Tardy

Itiz Prod - Réalisateur – Scénariste – Photographe

Itiz Prod

Estelle is, in my opinion, one of the most talented individuals I have encountered in the voice over industry, and she is an internationally acclaimed French voice over artist! I have had the pleasure of working with her and recommending her services to numerous clients. She brings her years of experience, constantly seeks further education, and maintains a deep passion for her craft. She is an invaluable member of my team!

Stéphanie Matard

Stéphanie Matard voice over - American Voice Over Actress, Producer

Stéphanie Matard voice over

Choosing to hire this experienced French voice actor for our corporate narration was one of the best decisions we've made this year. Her studio's production quality was top-notch, and she provided an exceptional service that included a demo and a highly competitive rate. Available, passionate, and creative, she took our project to the next level, and we couldn't be more satisfied.

Manouri Giesen

SMART Technologies - Channel Enablement

SMART Technologies

We are highly satisfied with Estelle's work, both artistically and in terms of sound. She closely followed our directions and brought the necessary voice and emotions to her character in this project. A true French professional voice over with premium services

Anna Heim

Duolingo - Writer, Author


Estelle was amazing to work with. Despite our different languages, countries and time zones, she was incredibly easy to work with. Great voice, great recording quality, and very responsive! If you need a French voice over definitely consider Estelle!

Kierra Parlagreco

Promo House - Creative Director

Thank you for all the hard work and patience, this is a major project and I appreciate your professionalism! I look forward to the next French projects together!

Sean Mancuso

Voices - Casting Director