French voice over Podacast

French voice over Podacast

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"Bris, The Heights of Black Land": An Auditory Symphony Where Past Meets Present

he Winding Path to Terrenoire

Oh, Terrenoire... A neighbourhood rich in stories and plot twists, now undergoing a profound transformation. A rejuvenation that, far from wishing to erase the past, has chosen to illuminate it, to honor it, through positive communication orchestrated by the Cent Neuf agency. I was enlisted to lend my voice to Inès, a character who retraces the history of this district with love and nostalgia. So, join me, and let's dive together into the tumultuous past of Terrenoire.

Cent Neuf Agency: When Creativity Meets Expertise

Cent Neuf isn't just a communication agency. No, Cent Neuf is a real idea box. An idea box filled with no less than 109 ideas, all more original, quirky, and daring than the next. It's this creativity, this passion, that allowed the agency to breathe new life into the history of Terrenoire, transforming it into a fascinating documentary podcast.

A Unique Communication Strategy

Beyond the creation of the podcast, Cent Neuf took charge of the overall communication for the redevelopment of Terrenoire. The agency's teams were able to transform a phase of work that could have been perceived as negative into a celebration of the neighbourhood's history. A brilliant, daring strategy, perfectly in line with the agency's identity.

My Mission: Becoming Inès, the Voice Over Memory of Terrenoire

A Time Travel with My Voice

Over the 12 episodes of the podcast, my voice had to age, evolve, to accompany Inès throughout her life. An 8-year-old girl, a 20-year-old woman, a 40-year-old mother... up to the 80-year-old grandmother, witness to the history of Terrenoire. This was a significant challenge but also an incredibly rewarding experience.

The Voice, a Window to Emotions

In the role of Inès, I had the opportunity to express a range of emotions as wide as it was varied: the joy of childhood, the sadness of departures, the excitement of first love, the sorrow of war... Each emotion was an opportunity to show how powerful voice acting can be in storytelling.

Sharing the Bill with Loïc Rojouan: A Fruitful Collaboration

Who is Loïc Rojouan?

Loïc Rojouan is primarily a talented French voice over actor. Trained at the Cours Florent and boasting a rich career of 30 years in theatre, he was able to bring depth and complexity to his character, Briss. But Loïc is also a long-term work partner with whom I've had the pleasure of collaborating on many projects, including the station imaging for RTL Belgium for three years.

A Complementary Voice over Duo on the "Bris, The Heights of Black Land" Podcast

In this podcast, Loïc and I were fortunate to share the scene, or rather, the airwaves. His acting talent and my expertise in voice over created a real synergy, allowing the story of Terrenoire to come to life.

The Role of Voice Over Actors in Podcasting: An Indispensable Dimension

The Power of Storytelling through Voice Over

A voice can create universes, evoke emotions, tell stories. That's what I strive to do in my voice over work. Whether it's for a documentary podcast, radio imaging, or an audiobook, I put all my effort into transporting listeners into the story I'm telling.

The Importance of Voice Over in the "Bris, The Heights of Black Land" Podcast

In "Bris, The Heights of Black Land", voice over played a central role. It was through Loïc's voice and mine that the history of Terrenoire was told, that listeners were transported through time. Without the voice over, the podcast would not have had the same depth, the same emotional intensity.

Conclusion: The Magic of Podcasting and Voice Over Work

Being part of the creation of the "Bris, The Heights of Black Land" podcast was an extraordinary experience. Whether collaborating with the Cent Neuf agency, embodying the character of Inès, or working alongside Loïc Rojouan, each moment of this adventure was a chance to learn and grow as a voice over actress. This podcast is proof that the voice can be a powerful tool for storytelling, for transporting listeners to another time, another place. It's a testament to the power of podcasting and the essential role voice over plays in this medium.

So, if you're looking for a professional French voice over actress for your podcast, your documentary, or your radio imaging, don't hesitate to contact me. Together, we can bring your story to life. listen here to the voice of a teenager, created by a French child voiceover