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Hand in hand, we are stronger, we go further. One day, a shoulder, a voice - another day, support... It has been almost 20 years today that Gilles Senicourt (Director of Antenna and Programs at Delta FM) and I have shared all the emotions of a faithful professional partnership, day in and day out.

Without overlooking the success story of this wonderful local radio station that has captured the attention of listeners in the Flandre Côte d'Opale region in just a few years, it is above all this relationship of a "special partner" that I wish to praise. What appeared yesterday as a local partnership continues over the decades and emerges, full of promises, towards the sacred future of digital and online.

"Together, we have grown" ... that's what you told me, Gilles... And that's why I am eager to express my most sincere "Thank you!" in this post. Know that the one you love to call "the on-air voice of DELTA FM" never tires of accompanying you, as long as the future holds as many beautiful surprises as the past... And I know it, I believe it - by working together, we will stay on the right track :-)

Delta FM gathers over 200,000 listeners every week.

The broadcasts are aired in 3 FM zones: Dunkirk, Saint-Omer, and Boulogne, as well as in 6 DAB+ zones: Dunkirk, Saint-Omer, Lille (Flandre), Calais, Boulogne-sur-Mer, and Le Touquet (Côte d'Opale). All programs are available through applications and connected speakers. Delta+ is a radio station that complements Delta FM's offerings for people over 50. It can be listened to on DAB+ in Dunkirk, Saint-Omer (Flandre), Calais, Boulogne-sur-Mer, and Le Touquet (Côte d'Opale).