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Voice Over at the Service of Your Brand

Listen, Imagine, Transform

For over 10 years, I have lent my voice to Truffaut stores. From seasonal trends to great deals, it's my voice you hear. That voice that informs, engages, and gives soul to the instore ambiance.

Experience and Expertise in Instore Branding

The Voice that Connects with Your Audience Because behind every voice, there's a story to tell. My job is to tell that story with the right intonation, the right rhythm, the right feeling. It's about making every word count, every sentence connect with your audience.

LAB MUSIC: Creator of Unique Soundscapes

Customize Your Space with Tailored Soundscapes

I have had the privilege of collaborating with LAB MUSIC for over 15 years, particularly for the branding of Truffaut stores.

LAB MUSIC specializes in creating customized soundscapes, combining music, sound effects, and audio messages. The meticulousness of its approach, based on detailed analysis of the floor plans and the integration of high-performance security systems, is recognized by numerous prestigious brands.

For large spaces, LAB MUSIC's multi-zone sound animation offers the possibility to manage up to 8 distinct zones with a specific selection of sound content.

With a catalog of over 10,000 titles and constantly evolving, LAB MUSIC develops tailor-made music programs that are regularly refreshed to keep the sonic ambiance always fresh.

Finally, thanks to its 24/7 support service, LAB MUSIC quickly responds to all needs, whether it's for specific music programming, adjusting opening hours, or technical requirements.

Every commercial space needs an atmosphere that reflects its identity.

LAB MUSIC: the expert in creating soundscapes that optimize the user experience.