Prêt à Pousser

Prêt à Pousser

MULTO: The Green Revolution Powered by Prêt à Pousser

In 2022, the innovative indoor gardening brand, Prêt à Pousser, sparked a green revolution with the launch of MULTO, a next-generation modular indoor garden. With a larger design, increased productivity, and advanced technology, MULTO is designed to ensure true food production right in your own home.

An Impactful Kickstarter Campaign

To propel MULTO into the spotlight and generate excitement among indoor gardening enthusiasts, Prêt à Pousser orchestrated a high-impact Kickstarter campaign. This campaign relied on the expertise of various talented professionals brought together within the Black Bear Cowork collective. Their diverse skills contributed to the creation of a high-quality presentation film and visuals highlighting the multiple advantages of MULTO, its user-friendly simplicity, advanced technology, and numerous features.

A Captivating Script

Charlotte Cario, a specialist in copywriting, crafted a script that was delicately impertinent and light-hearted to captivate the audience. Jonathan Ramelli, an expert in motion design, brought MULTO to life in three dimensions with attractive animations and titles. Additionally, Jérémie Pontin immortalized MULTO through photographs that showcased its every detail.

The Campaign's Voice Over

By lending my voice to this project, I had the privilege of guiding the listener through this indoor gardening revolution. With a fresh, mischievous, and enticing female voice over, I was able to stylishly introduce the concept of gardening directly in your home to create a true indoor garden. The nuances of my voice helped evoke the simplicity, innovation, and authenticity of MULTO, emphasizing its features and benefits.

The Voice Over: A Key Element of Communication

A well-chosen and fitting voice over is an essential asset in communication. In the case of MULTO, my voice served to create a connection between the product and the listener, establishing a friendly and engaging ambiance. This contributed to making the Kickstarter campaign a true success.

The direction, images, and post-production were overseen by Valentine Chauvin, who successfully staged and captured the technology and beauty of MULTO.

The Voice Over: An Asset for Crowdfunding Campaigns

The success of this Kickstarter campaign demonstrates the effectiveness of a multidisciplinary communication strategy for presenting an innovative product like MULTO. This experience was a wonderful opportunity to highlight the potential and importance of high-quality voice overs for crowdfunding campaigns and how a voice can transform the audience's experience and create a genuine connection with the product.

Client: Prêt à Pousser Directed by: Valentine Chauvin