French voice over Motion design Alps2

French voice over Motion design Alps2

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The Subtle Art of Voice Over and Motion Design: A French Voice Over Actress and Her Home Studio

Motion Design: When Image Meets Voice

Motion design is a realm where image and voice intertwine to weave captivating stories. As a French voice over actress, I breathe life into these narratives, ensuring the voice over complements and enriches the on-screen animation.

A Creative Synergy: Voice Over and Motion Design

Motion design calls for a voice over that knows how to adapt to the fluid and dynamic movements of animation. Each project is a new journey, where I work to find the tone, rhythm, and expressive style that best fit the video.

My Home Studio: A Birthplace for Voice Overs in Motion Design

It's in my home studio, equipped to offer high-quality sound, where I bring these animations to life. I had the pleasure of contributing to the Interreg Alps 2 project, where I could meld my voice with striking visuals to create an unforgettable audiovisual experience.

My Role in the Interreg Alps 2 Project

Interreg Alps 2 presented an exciting challenge: how to pair my voice with animations that narrate the story of the Alps? How to evoke the ambiance of the mountains, the freshness of the rivers, and the diversity of Alpine fauna and flora? In my home studio, I sought to find that voice and to create a narrative that resonates with the beauty of the Alps.


Participating in creating the motion design for the Interreg Alps 2 project was an enriching journey. It was a perfect occasion to explore the synergy between voice over and motion design, and to understand how a well-placed voice can magnify on-screen animation. It was another proof that motion design and voice over go hand in hand in crafting deep, immersive audiovisual experiences. The French voice over, delivered from a fully equipped home studio, added an extra layer of authenticity to this Alpine narrative.