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The Art of Voice Over in Instore Radio Branding

Nothing is more crucial for a business than keeping its employees informed and motivated. This is where a voice over actor plays a crucial role, especially in instore radio branding.

A Female Voice Over for Intermarché

In the world of instore radio, a female voice over has made her mark in the internal radio branding of Intermarché. Her work aims to inform, energize, and entertain the teams during their work. The objective? To facilitate operational tasks while creating a strong sense of involvement and belonging to the brand among all employees.

Energizing the Instore Experience with Voice Over

Instore radio branding is much more than just background music. It is an immersive experience that captivates attention, entertains, and informs employees throughout their workday. Thanks to this female voice over, Intermarché store employees are continuously updated on news, promotions, and important company information.

Creating a Connection with the Brand through Voice Over

The voice over serves as the interface between the brand and its employees. It conveys the brand's spirit, creating an emotional connection and strengthening the sense of belonging. Through this connection, employees are more likely to remain loyal to the company and contribute to its growth.

Partnership with MediaMeeting

The instore radio branding project for Intermarché was carried out in partnership with MediaMeeting. Together, they worked to create audio messages that reflect the tone, ambiance, and values of the Intermarché brand.

Success of the "Les Mousquetaires" Podcast

One of the flagship projects completed for Intermarché is the "Les Mousquetaires" podcast. Created to celebrate the brand's 50th anniversary, this podcast was awarded "Best Brand Podcast" at the Salon de la Radio in 2020. It is a true testament to the quality of MediaMeeting's work and the impact of the voice over in creating captivating and engaging audio content. You can learn more about this exceptional achievement here.

The female voice over for instore radio branding in Intermarché stores contributes to improving the working experience for employees. My work is to create a pleasant sonic atmosphere while conveying relevant and engaging messages that foster a positive work environment.