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A mischievous voiceover for everyday reality

In my latest collaboration with Indeed, I had the pleasure of bringing my voice to an ad full of wit and truth. Imagine the challenge of working from home, focused and motivated, when suddenly the calm is broken by the enthusiastic rhythms of a musician roommate. The video illustrates this situation with humor and lightness, captured perfectly by my mischievous female voice, highlighting the solution offered by Indeed: a simplified and personalized job search for those looking to escape their work-from-home environment a little too lively.

Advertising voice-over: More than a voice, a narration that connects

For more than 20 years in the profession, with a full broadcast recording studio , I have learned that each voice-over project is unique. Advertising for Indeed is no exception. It allowed me to explore different timbres, intentions and emotions, adapting my voice to resonate with each viewer. My objective ? Create a connection, provoke a smile and ultimately deliver a solution through Indeed's service.

Voiceover for radio, TV, internet advertising: my service

My work as a voiceover artist extends well beyond this commercial. Whether to bring a touch of humor, emotion or authenticity to your project, my experience and my studio are at your disposal. I invite you to discover more on my internet page dedicated to advertising voiceover