French voice over for HOYA

French voice over for HOYA

The Influence of Voice Over on Brand Identity

In the realm of marketing and advertising, every detail matters. Among these, the voice over stands paramount. It's the soul of an advertisement, the breath that animates the message. But how does the choice of this voice shape a brand's identity?

The Voice: A Sonic Mirror of a Brand's Soul

When we think of a brand, we often visualize its logo, colors, and slogan. However, the voice over acts as the brand's sonic reflection. It conveys emotions, values, and aspirations. A maternal, reassuring, and gentle voice, for instance, can evoke protection, tenderness, and closeness. It can instill a sense of comfort and trust in the audience.

My Experience with Hoya and MiyoSmart Lenses

When approached to voice the TV advertisement for Hoya and the MiyoSmart lenses, the tone's choice was pivotal. These lenses, designed for eye well-being, deserved a voice that resonated with safety, maternal love, and care. By adopting a maternal, reassuring, and soft tone as a French voice artist, I aimed to bolster the brand's benevolent identity, reassuring consumers about the product's quality and efficacy.

Voice Over: A Strategic Asset

Choosing the right French voice over is a strategic decision. A female voice, for example, can bring warmth, softness, and humanity to a message. It can touch listeners' hearts, forging a strong emotional connection.

Voice, the Essence of Identity

A brand's identity isn't just visual. Its sonic dimension, embodied by the voice over, is equally vital. It adds depth, texture, and humanizes. In essence, it's the very core of the brand's identity.