French voice over speaking English for Boursin

French voice over speaking English for Boursin

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I'm a proud French voice-over artist with a unique twist: I speak English with a French accent. 🇫🇷✨ This special skill recently led me on an incredible journey to be the voice behind a Boursin cheese ad campaign broadcasted across the UK.

Project Background

Imagine the task at hand: Boursin, a brand synonymous with French flavor and sociability, wanted to connect with the British audience. The challenge? To make them feel the French essence, through voice alone. No pressure, right?

Challenge and Solution

The project was crystal clear: a French voice, yes, but speaking English, all while maintaining that distinctive French accent. It was a tightrope walk between being myself and ensuring every word was understood by all. I dived in, fine-tuning my pronunciation to carry a piece of France in every word.

Outcome and Reception

And what a reception it was! The ad didn't just capture the soul of Boursin but also won over the hearts of listeners in the UK. It was like bringing a slice of France to the UK, without leaving my studio. The feedback? Overwhelmingly positive, from both the client and the listeners, charmed by the authentic French touch.

This experience was more than just a voice-over project to me. It showcased how voice can truly bridge cultures, how an accent, a tone, can evoke an entire world, an entire story.

And there you have it! If you're looking for a voice that can traverse languages and accents while staying deeply rooted in its identity, look no further. For more on what I can bring to your project, feel free to discover my voice over demos .